Minecraft Review in Creative Mode

Hi there fellow gamer’s, I hope you are all well during these tough times under lockdown.
I’m guessing that a lot of you are cooped up at home and keeping safe where you should be. This week at Jumpstar Gaming Studios we have done a lot of work on Minecraft creative mode.
Leo Playz has put together his own world this week.. not bad for a 6 year old. He decided to create his own world and built a house in it.

Leo's House From the outside

Leo created this world on the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet. It’s amazing to me how the graphics capabilities on some tablets and phones are better than some PC’s. We will get into that point in more detail in some future reviews because I do think it is an important point to cover when it comes to gaming hardware options.
This time Leo’s house was put together mainly with glass which he got from his inventory. Leo explained to me that when comes to creative mode it’s a little easier to be creative as you don’t need to mine for certain materials. They are already in your inventory.

Character Shots

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Here you can see some screen-grabs of his character Obi-Wan Kenobi from different angles. I have also shown different perspectives of the house and screen shots from above taken in creative mode.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Leo's House From Above

Working with the Environment

The beauty of creative mode gives the player the ability to fly and create the most amazing things. In the pictures below Leo has also built a railway track, an extremely high diving board and a nice pool to dive into.

Leo's Diving Board from below

Luckily when you are playing in Minecraft creative mode heights are no problem for anyone doing the diving. Leo built this diving board from emerald blocks in his creative mode inventory.

Leo's Swimming Pool

As you can see below the railway was nicely put together leading from one part of Leo’s world to the other. All of the parts of the railway are found in your inventory in creative mode.

Railway Track

Keep a look our for our next post on Minecraft which will be coming soon.

Jumpstar Gaming will also be starting our new YouTube Channel in the near future and we will let you know when it’s up.
Look out for our awesome competitions in the coming month where we will be doing some great give away’s. 

Chat soon Jumpstar fans. Keep it real and stay safe at home.

By Brendan Cooney

Jumpstar Gaming Editor

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