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Team Fortress Two Game Review #1

Team Fortress Two

In this post we are going to have a basic look at Team Fortress 2. A lso known as (TF2) is a team-based first-person shooter game developed by Valve Corporation and released in 2007. It is a sequel to the original Team Fortress game which is now known as Team Fortress Classic, which was a popular mod for the game Quake. TF2 has been praised for its unique art style, humorous characters, and engaging gameplay. Team Fortress Two is a STEAM Game and can be found on the steam site and installed onto both Windows and Apple Computers. Valve has also Created the Valve Steam Deck which is a game console for its games

Team Fortress Two

The game is set in a stylized version of the 1960s and the players take on the role of one of nine different characters or (Mercenaries). Each player has their own unique abilities and playing styles. The classes range from the offensive Soldier and Demoman to the defensive Engineer and Heavy, to the supportive Medic and Sniper. Players must work together to complete objectives and defeat the other team, using a variety of weapons and tactics.

Team Fortress Two

Art Style

One of the standout features of TF2 is its distinctive art style. The game features bright colours, exaggerated character designs, and a whimsical tone. The visuals are reminiscent of classic cartoons, and the game’s sound design is also top-notch, featuring humorous voice acting and catchy music. For a game that is supposed to be war-based, it is extremely colourful and cartoony.

Team Fortress Two From Jumpstar Gaming


Another aspect of TF2 that sets it apart from other first-person shooters is its focus on teamwork. Each character has a specific role to play, and players must work together to use their unique abilities to overcome challenges. For example, a Medic can hea his teammates, while a Demoman can set traps and create area-of-effect damage, for example,e grenades in hidden places, in the game.

Team Fortress Two images by Jumpstar Gaming

TF2 also features a robust cosmetic system, where players can customize the appearance of their characters with a variety of hats, weapons, and other items. This has led to a thriving community of players who trade and collect these items, and has contributed to the game’s longevity and continued popularity. For example, the Bonk Helmet is used by Scout.

Team Fortress Two images by Jumpstar Gaming

In conclusion, Team Fortress 2 is a unique and engaging first-person shooter that has stood the test of time. Its distinctive art style, humorous characters, and focus on teamwork make it a standout title in the genre. The game’s cosmetic system and thriving community have also contributed to its lasting appeal. If you’re a fan of first-person shooters, TF2 is definitely worth checking out. Our resident gamers love it!

Adwin enjoys the Medic Class most and Leo Gamer likes Engineer and Heavy. For more on Steam and Team Fortress Two keep up to date with our posts.

For more info on the games you love have a look at our Blog section.

By Brendan Cooney

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Scratch As a Fun and Educational Programming Tool

Have you ever wanted to make your own video games? Maybe you’ve watched videos of other people making games and thought you’d like to try it too. Scratch is probably the place to start your journey. Scratch is an amazing software development and educational platform that enables children to learn the fundamentals of computer programming. It is a fun and creative web-based portal that allows anyone to become a member and learn to create online.

The Scratch Interface

A view of the scratch Graphical User Interface
The Scratch User Interface

As a parent and computer enthusiast myself I would highly recommend getting your children to begin playing engaging and learning with scratch. The Scratch user interface gives them access to a no-code, low code environment to learn in. There are projects that they can learn from and duplicate.  This work can be shared with other children and portfolio pages can be made as well.

Working with Sprites

This is an example of a Sprite or character in Scratch.
An example of a Sprite

Scratch is the world’s largest computer coding community for children. It has a coding language with a simple visual interface. The interface allows young people (and old) to create digital stories, animations and games. Scratch was developed by the Scratch Foundation and is a non-profit organisation.

Audio Files

An example of an audio file in Scratch
An example of an audio file in Scratch

When it comes to education scratch promotes creative thinking, systematic reasoning, problem solving skills and learning. Self-expression, collaboration and equity in computing are also some of the benefits. The great thing about scratch is that it is a safe and playful learning environment that engages children to learn in a creative way.

Sprite Options

Examples from  the Scratch Sprite Library
Examples from the Scratch Sprite Library

With Scratch it’s easy to make an account and begin creating right away. When you have an account you can explore other projects that have been created by other scratch developers or you can get ideas from the portal and follow video tutorials right away.  My kids and I found out about scratch when we joined CoderDojo an amazing club that helps kids learn about basic computing, learning about code and creating games. The beginning levels are all shown in scratch.


Tutorials are available for everyone
Tutorials are available for everyone

Here are a few examples of the work created by our resident gamer and animator AJToonz.

Lego Crud & Cut the Cheese

We hope you enjoyed this post and as they say in the programming world!

Happy Coding!

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Battle Cats Gaming Review

Battle Cats Gaming Review

Welcome to the Battle Cats Gaming Review. The Battle Cats is a game developed by PONOS Corporation for iOS and Android mobile devices

A Brief Overview

Our resident Gamer LeoStarJump from JumpStarGaming has worked out that you can play this game on a bigger screen with a normal PC using MEMU Play the Android Emulator Software which works really well. 

This game is fun to play and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. The Game opens with some a nice Star Wars like text written by the developer. Be sure to read it all for some interesting philosophy and a good laugh. 

As you open up the console you have four options to begin with, they are square buttons that you can choose by sliding left or right. They are Empire of Cats, Into the Future, Legend stages and Catclaw Dojo. 

By Choosing Empire of Cats you start normal play which we will explain in detail. Into the Future is available from the start. Legend stages are stages of the game that are in the game for a limited time only and allow certain rewards when you have achieved a major role. Catclaw Dojo is extremely difficult and not recommended for beginners. 

Empire of Cats

Empire of cats has three levels. LeoStarJump our resident gamer has conquered two of the 3 levels. The names of the Levels are 

Battle Cats Rising

The Emperor of Darkness

Revival of Behamut-Cat

Basic Cat
Cat Soldiers

The Basic Cat and Macho Cat who has muscle definition but is still a basic Cat. Next up we have Tank Cat who has high health and is strong enough to move a pebble. In the same category we have Wall Cat who offers rigid defence with corners. This cat is strong enough to move a small rock. Next we have Axe Cat. A combat maniac who is strong against Red enemies. Following Axe Cat we have Brave Cat a wannabe hero this cat is strong against enemies. Gross Cat is next on our list, who is able to do a very powerful long range attack with exceptional power and range. Next up in the same tall cat category we have Sexy Legs Cat. He has exceptional pride in his beautiful legs and also has exceptional power and range on his attack. Next up we have Cow Cat, he thinks fast and runs quickly. He also uses his head in battle and runs like the wind! In the same category we have Giraffe Cat who thinks and acts quickly. This cat is a rocker who uses hi head to head bang on attack but only to Rock’n’roll Music! Next up we have Bird Cat who has the health of a pea but has exceptional attack power over area attack. In the same category we have UFO Cat. He has managed to overcome gravity and is good against multiple enemies. Next up we have Fish Cat he has exceptional melee capability and is strong against Red Enemies. Next up we have Whale Cat who managed to become a carnivorous whale. He is strong against Red enemies. Next up we have Lizard Cat who has the ability to attack enemies from a distance. He has a powerful single shot long range attack! 

After Lizard Cat we have Titan Cat who is blessed with extreme attack power and ridiculous amounts of health. In the same category we have Mythical Titan Cat also called the Lord of Destruction. He has extreme attack power and health. 

Titan Cat
Playing the Game

Now it’s time to Play. When playing I would start off with this simple strategy. First stay away from the Zombie outbreak zones. This is very important if you want to succeed.

When you start playing the game you are awarded a certain amount of credits. The Game gives you a starting amount to play with. You are awarded these each round you play. As a result, if you use this wisely you can progress. Some good advice is to release some smaller basic battle cats and let your balance build up. Also keep this fairly constant release 5 or 10 of them. Then you are able to send out the stronger and more powerful battle cats as your balance gets higher and higher you can release the stronger Battle Cats by clicking on them. We hope you enjoyed this Battle Cats Gaming Review. There are more reviews coming soon!

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Friday Night Funkin Gaming Review with AJ Playz

Friday Night Funkin Review by AJ Playz and Brendan Cooney

Game Overview

Hey there fellow gamers this is the Friday Night Funkin report by Jumpstar Gaming. Friday Night Funkin or “FNF” has taken the gaming world by storm. We are speaking with our resident gamer Adrian AKA AJ Playz and asked him to tell us a little about the game.

Adrian says “So basically it’s a rhythm game where it puts you, a game character called Boyfriend in a battle with multiple famous and not-so-famous Newgrounds characters. It’s a really fun game. If you want to play it, I do recommend it.”

The goal of the game is to impress another character called Girlfriend who is actually your girlfriend in the game. You do this by taking her through different levels or “weeks” with different characters. You compete with these characters in singing and rapping contests in order to date Girlfriend.

When playing the game your opponent will sing a pattern of notes that are represented by falling arrows. You must then mimic this pattern of notes by using the W,A,S and D keys.

You get points in the game whenever you hit notes that fall from the top of the screen. You have to press the W key to hit a note.

If you don’t keep up with the song by pressing the notes and keeping your health you end up seeing the game over screen below.  You have a health bar at the bottom of the screen with hearts in it. When the hearts run out you get blue buried or drop the Microphone

Friday Night Funkin has two different play modes with levels Easy, Normal and Hard. The first mode is a story type campaign the second is a free play mode allowing you to choose any of the games music tacks.

The original game was developed by Newgrounds users lead by Ninjamuffin99.  For more information on popular games check out our gaming reviews.

Some Popular Opponents


Tankman is the Newgrounds mascot first making his appearance in the Tankman series in 2011. Tankman is fairly hard to beat and is found in week 7.


Pico is from an old Newrounds Flash Game called Pico School. He is known for having a machine gun in his pocket at all times and is certainly one to look out for.

Mummy Mearest:

Mummy Mearest is Girlfriend’s Mom, who made her first appearance in Friday night Funkin, she is the main antagonist in week 4. 

Skid & Pump: 

Skid and Pump are the primary opponents or antagonists in week 2 of the game. Their main tracks are Spookeez and South. Skid and Pump are the first guest characters and are followed by Pico and Tankman. 


Well we hope you enjoyed our review fellow gamers. In summary this is a great game, the colourful graphics and creative music along with the mimicking actions required keep the player constantly thinking and working on the next moves. We will be back soon with more news and reviews on another popular game. Enoy your gaming and stay safe.

By Brendan Cooney and AJ Playz.

References: AJ Playz; Wikipedia; Newgrounds; Friday Night Funkipedia 

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Golf Clash Game Review

Hi there, everyone. Firstly I hope you are all well when you read this post. Welcome to the Golf Clash Game Review. We hope you enjoy it!

I also wanted to let you know that while we are in lockdown or while we’ve been working away at home I have done a little bit of research.

Download on the Google Play Store

I wanted to let you know about a game I recently played Golf Clash which is a fantastic app that I found on the Google Play Store. At Jumpstar Gaming we’re going to be looking at a few more games on the Google Play store soon.

There are so many of them and we really want to just dig deeper into doing more reviews like this. I found that Golf Clash was fantastic. The graphics quality is brilliant.

Golf Clash Opening Graphics

After downloading the game I was able to create an account through Facebook or Google and I used Google and joined the game and was given the option to play one vs one.

After practicing with the computer a few times and I’ve since logged in and played a few holes and found it to be an extremely good game.

Prize Money Description

Playing The Game

Golf Clash pairs you up with computer opponents or with live computer guests for each hole or mini-match. If you win on a hole you win prize money which gets you further along in your golfing journey. What’s also great is that you get to have rematches with these opponents if you want to.

Fee to enter game

Congratulations to Playdemic the creators of this game we’ll be keeping in touch with them and looking at other games that they’ve made I would suggest you try Golf Clash if you’re a golf fan and even if you have kids that play golf or just understand the beginnings of golf. This is a good game to get them thinking about the Fairway and the green and how many shots they’ll need to get to the green and learning about things like Par.

All in all this is a great game. I’m going to give it a 5 Star rating. 

I look forward to hearing from any of you if you have any comments. Please let me know if you want us to review any games that you have in mind.

Watch out for our next review.

Brendan Cooney

Jumpstar Gaming


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Minecraft Review in Creative Mode

Hi there fellow gamer’s, I hope you are all well during these tough times under lockdown.
I’m guessing that a lot of you are cooped up at home and keeping safe where you should be. This week at Jumpstar Gaming Studios we have done a lot of work on Minecraft creative mode.
Leo Playz has put together his own world this week.. not bad for a 6 year old. He decided to create his own world and built a house in it.

Leo's House From the outside

Leo created this world on the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet. It’s amazing to me how the graphics capabilities on some tablets and phones are better than some PC’s. We will get into that point in more detail in some future reviews because I do think it is an important point to cover when it comes to gaming hardware options.
This time Leo’s house was put together mainly with glass which he got from his inventory. Leo explained to me that when comes to creative mode it’s a little easier to be creative as you don’t need to mine for certain materials. They are already in your inventory.

Character Shots

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Here you can see some screen-grabs of his character Obi-Wan Kenobi from different angles. I have also shown different perspectives of the house and screen shots from above taken in creative mode.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Leo's House From Above

Working with the Environment

The beauty of creative mode gives the player the ability to fly and create the most amazing things. In the pictures below Leo has also built a railway track, an extremely high diving board and a nice pool to dive into.

Leo's Diving Board from below

Luckily when you are playing in Minecraft creative mode heights are no problem for anyone doing the diving. Leo built this diving board from emerald blocks in his creative mode inventory.

Leo's Swimming Pool

As you can see below the railway was nicely put together leading from one part of Leo’s world to the other. All of the parts of the railway are found in your inventory in creative mode.

Railway Track

Keep a look our for our next post on Minecraft which will be coming soon.

Jumpstar Gaming will also be starting our new YouTube Channel in the near future and we will let you know when it’s up.
Look out for our awesome competitions in the coming month where we will be doing some great give away’s. 

Chat soon Jumpstar fans. Keep it real and stay safe at home.

By Brendan Cooney

Jumpstar Gaming Editor

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Minecraft Noob vs Minecraft Pro

Hello fellow Gamers welcome to the Minecraft Noob vs Minecraft pro series of posts. Today we are going to start a series of reviews on Mastering Minecraft and how to play the game.

With over 112 million active monthly players let’s see what the hype is about and why it is rated the BEST-SELLING VIDEO GAME OF ALL TIME.

Minecraft Stevve outside his house
Steve outside his house at night

At first glance it has a very old school look and feel, taking you back to the original 8bit style graphics.. yikes I think I just gave away my age (rolling eye balls).

In Minecraft there are 2 playing modes, Creative and Survival.

Creative Mode

In Creative mode you can create to your hearts content and let your imagination run wild.

You can literally create your own worlds.

Survival Mode

In Survival mode you can be just as creative except you are not able to fly and you must focus on staying alive and healthy. This makes the game super exciting and awesome in a different way.

House Foundation
The Foundation of Steve’s House

Choosing a Character

Choose between Steve or Alex or if you have Minecoins you can create your own custom character. Steve is the default character and the star of the game.

What is the object of the game…?

The object is to create and survive. If you want to survive Diamond Armor will help and this means digging for diamonds which will make you both rich and keep you safe.

Walls at Night
Walls at Night

Day and night

Build your house in the day and at night when the zombies and mobs come out the fun part is to stay alive. One of the first things you must do in survival mode is to build a house.

Final House
The Finished House

Need some creative ideas of how to build the ultimate survival house or base? Check out our latest creation below.

Outside Shot
Outside at night

As you can see we have a house completed which was our goal. We can now be safe at night! Thank goodness. Watch out for our next post on Mastering Minecraft where you can learn more about how to succeed at the game.

All the best and keep on gaming.

By Brendan Cooney

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The Welcome to Bloxburg Game Review

Jumpstar at Pizza Restaurant
Jumpstar Gamer hungry at a Pizza Take Away

Welcome back Gamers! This is the Welcome to Bloxburg Game Review!

Welcome to Bloxburg is a Roblox game where you start off as a player in a small neighborhood if the city.

The game was created by Ceoptus in Roblox. At the time of writing this article there were 38,733 players online. It is a very popular game!

Welcome to Bloxburg is a highly creative game. As a player you can build your own house, own and drive cool vehicles, work at various companies and hang out with friends the options are endless like life.. you get to choose what you want to do.

Jumpstar Gamer in the shower before heading out for some Pizza
Jumpstar Gamer in the shower before heading out for some Pizza

Robux are required to play this game and Robux help you to purchase various items in the game that make it more exciting and help you achieve certain tasks.  

What the Gamers Say!

I spoke to Adrian Playz (9) for his opinion.. on working in the city of Bloxburg.

“ So I first I first went to the Pizza Bakery place, but then I thought it was a bit of a hard job. So now I do the fishing job because all you need to do is just stand still and fish. It’s a really it’s a really really easy way to get get money and I think it’s easier that way.”

Oh the joys of Gaming…compared to the real world ..haha!

Take a look at the house below created by Adrian Playz one of our team while using the Jumpstar Gamer account. Scenes like this can be created by any gamer with some imagination! As it is an imagination game that relies on creativity in that way it’s a little like Minecraft.

Screenshots and a video example

These screen shots explain the game and show how the player can navigate around the city doing various activities of their own choice.

Jumpstar Gamer in his Bloxburg House

Here is a view of Jumpstar Gamer watching the TV while at home .. This game creator thought of everything and even went as far as adding video and audio for an in home TV with channel options.. Good work!

As you can see from this brief review this game is awesome for players of all ages. Try it out if you like and keep on gaming.
Please also give us any feedback you would like to with regards to our reviews. Soon we will be starting a YouTube channel as well but we will keep you posted.

By Brendan Cooney
Jumpstar Gaming

Welcome to Bloxburg
Seniac YouTube Channel

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Teen Titans Battlegrounds

This is an image of Robin in Teen Titans Battlegrounds
Robin in the Teen Titan Battleground

This week we have taken a look at the Roblox game Teen Titans Battleground. On the whole it is an awesome creation by Toxicator1 who has really done a great job of giving us the chance to be our own Teen Titan Character.

This image shows us how to choose a teen Titan Player


Choosing a Teen Titan Player

This means getting your best game on and battling with any player that you come across. If you defeat them you are on the way to greatness.
You can also win or buy Tokens that are like coins, if you damage players you earn tokens. You can also buy Tokens with Robux.

From a popularity point of view this game gets a high rating as at any one time there are around 4000 players playing and the game has generated 112 million visits since being launched in April 2019

This game gets a Jumpstar Four Star rating for fun and creativity. 
Give it a try and enjoy it Gamers.!/about

Also check out our other reviews at :

By Brendan Cooney 

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Jumpstar Gaming Roblox Review#1

Hi there Gamers and welcome to the Jumpstar Gaming Roblox Review#1. This is the first post of many. We’ve taken a very good look at a Roblox and how Roblox is a great gaming system and so much more.

Roblox to started in 1989. It was started as a basic computer programming teaching system and from there has grown and developed into an amazing gaming organisation connecting the world through play.

Roblox is a series of games that allows kids and coders, creators and developers to make their own games and connect the world through gaming. Please look at some of the examples of the screen shots that we have put together. These were taken from some games that my children taught me how to play.

Roblox Game Interface in this area you choose your game
Roblox Game Interface

The Roblox Story

The story of Roblox began in 1989 with a simple block. The dev team programmed a 2d simulated physics lab called interactive physics, which later influenced their approach to building the groundwork for Roblox students across the world use the interactive physics to see how two cars would crash or build destructible houses. It was astonishing for the developers to see what these kids and teenagers were designing and needed to replicate that capability on a much larger scale.

The founders began building the core components that would become the basis for the imagination platform Roblox quickly began bringing the world together through the power of play harnessing players and creators of different ages and backgrounds from all around the world connected by shared experiences from China to Brazil to America and Africa the world began to create as one and friendships were built as well as a new form of entertainment.

Roblox world is growing faster than ever before creators are creating new genres deeper narratives and more diverse experiences that are opening entertainment paths into worlds of play never thought possible. Roblox are enabling the creation of more human forms that allow for greater self-expression and unleashing the limits of the imagination to enable anyone to be who they want to be in the game. We’re a platform for a new generation one at a time. Roblox are “The Architects of Play”.

For the Parents

From my point of view Roblox is an amazing platform, highly creative and great fun. If you are a parent, I would advise you monitor your child’s play and which games they are playing and who they are playing with.

All in all, Roblox gets a Five Star Rating from Jumpstar Gaming. Take a look at the Roblox website:

Stay tuned and subscribe for our next Jumpstar Gaming Review.

By Brendan Cooney

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