The Welcome to Bloxburg Game Review

Jumpstar at Pizza Restaurant
Jumpstar Gamer hungry at a Pizza Take Away

Welcome back Gamers! This is the Welcome to Bloxburg Game Review!

Welcome to Bloxburg is a Roblox game where you start off as a player in a small neighborhood if the city.

The game was created by Ceoptus in Roblox. At the time of writing this article there were 38,733 players online. It is a very popular game!

Welcome to Bloxburg is a highly creative game. As a player you can build your own house, own and drive cool vehicles, work at various companies and hang out with friends the options are endless like life.. you get to choose what you want to do.

Jumpstar Gamer in the shower before heading out for some Pizza
Jumpstar Gamer in the shower before heading out for some Pizza

Robux are required to play this game and Robux help you to purchase various items in the game that make it more exciting and help you achieve certain tasks.  

What the Gamers Say!

I spoke to Adrian Playz (9) for his opinion.. on working in the city of Bloxburg.

“ So I first I first went to the Pizza Bakery place, but then I thought it was a bit of a hard job. So now I do the fishing job because all you need to do is just stand still and fish. It’s a really it’s a really really easy way to get get money and I think it’s easier that way.”

Oh the joys of Gaming…compared to the real world ..haha!

Take a look at the house below created by Adrian Playz one of our team while using the Jumpstar Gamer account. Scenes like this can be created by any gamer with some imagination! As it is an imagination game that relies on creativity in that way it’s a little like Minecraft.

Screenshots and a video example

These screen shots explain the game and show how the player can navigate around the city doing various activities of their own choice.

Jumpstar Gamer in his Bloxburg House

Here is a view of Jumpstar Gamer watching the TV while at home .. This game creator thought of everything and even went as far as adding video and audio for an in home TV with channel options.. Good work!

As you can see from this brief review this game is awesome for players of all ages. Try it out if you like and keep on gaming.
Please also give us any feedback you would like to with regards to our reviews. Soon we will be starting a YouTube channel as well but we will keep you posted.

By Brendan Cooney
Jumpstar Gaming

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