Friday Night Funkin Gaming Review with AJ Playz

Friday Night Funkin Review by AJ Playz and Brendan Cooney

Game Overview

Hey there fellow gamers this is the Friday Night Funkin report by Jumpstar Gaming. Friday Night Funkin or “FNF” has taken the gaming world by storm. We are speaking with our resident gamer Adrian AKA AJ Playz and asked him to tell us a little about the game.

Adrian says “So basically it’s a rhythm game where it puts you, a game character called Boyfriend in a battle with multiple famous and not-so-famous Newgrounds characters. It’s a really fun game. If you want to play it, I do recommend it.”

The goal of the game is to impress another character called Girlfriend who is actually your girlfriend in the game. You do this by taking her through different levels or “weeks” with different characters. You compete with these characters in singing and rapping contests in order to date Girlfriend.

When playing the game your opponent will sing a pattern of notes that are represented by falling arrows. You must then mimic this pattern of notes by using the W,A,S and D keys.

You get points in the game whenever you hit notes that fall from the top of the screen. You have to press the W key to hit a note.

If you don’t keep up with the song by pressing the notes and keeping your health you end up seeing the game over screen below.  You have a health bar at the bottom of the screen with hearts in it. When the hearts run out you get blue buried or drop the Microphone

Friday Night Funkin has two different play modes with levels Easy, Normal and Hard. The first mode is a story type campaign the second is a free play mode allowing you to choose any of the games music tacks.

The original game was developed by Newgrounds users lead by Ninjamuffin99.  For more information on popular games check out our gaming reviews.

Some Popular Opponents


Tankman is the Newgrounds mascot first making his appearance in the Tankman series in 2011. Tankman is fairly hard to beat and is found in week 7.


Pico is from an old Newrounds Flash Game called Pico School. He is known for having a machine gun in his pocket at all times and is certainly one to look out for.

Mummy Mearest:

Mummy Mearest is Girlfriend’s Mom, who made her first appearance in Friday night Funkin, she is the main antagonist in week 4. 

Skid & Pump: 

Skid and Pump are the primary opponents or antagonists in week 2 of the game. Their main tracks are Spookeez and South. Skid and Pump are the first guest characters and are followed by Pico and Tankman. 


Well we hope you enjoyed our review fellow gamers. In summary this is a great game, the colourful graphics and creative music along with the mimicking actions required keep the player constantly thinking and working on the next moves. We will be back soon with more news and reviews on another popular game. Enoy your gaming and stay safe.

By Brendan Cooney and AJ Playz.

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