Battle Cats Gaming Review

Battle Cats Gaming Review

Welcome to the Battle Cats Gaming Review. The Battle Cats is a game developed by PONOS Corporation for iOS and Android mobile devices

A Brief Overview

Our resident Gamer LeoStarJump from JumpStarGaming has worked out that you can play this game on a bigger screen with a normal PC using MEMU Play the Android Emulator Software which works really well. 

This game is fun to play and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. The Game opens with some a nice Star Wars like text written by the developer. Be sure to read it all for some interesting philosophy and a good laugh. 

As you open up the console you have four options to begin with, they are square buttons that you can choose by sliding left or right. They are Empire of Cats, Into the Future, Legend stages and Catclaw Dojo. 

Battle Cats Rising Review

By Choosing Empire of Cats you start normal play which we will explain in detail. Into the Future is available from the start. Legend stages are stages of the game that are in the game for a limited time only and allow certain rewards when you have achieved a major role. Catclaw Dojo is extremely difficult and not recommended for beginners. 

Empire of Cats

Empire of cats has three levels. LeoStarJump our resident gamer has conquered two of the 3 levels. The names of the Levels are 

Battle Cats Rising

The Emperor of Darkness

Revival of Behamut-Cat

Basic Cat
Cat Soldiers

The Basic Cat and Macho Cat who has muscle definition but is still a basic Cat. Next up we have Tank Cat who has high health and is strong enough to move a pebble. In the same category we have Wall Cat who offers rigid defence with corners. This cat is strong enough to move a small rock. Next we have Axe Cat. A combat maniac who is strong against Red enemies. Following Axe Cat we have Brave Cat a wannabe hero this cat is strong against enemies. Gross Cat is next on our list, who is able to do a very powerful long range attack with exceptional power and range. Next up in the same tall cat category we have Sexy Legs Cat. He has exceptional pride in his beautiful legs and also has exceptional power and range on his attack. Next up we have Cow Cat, he thinks fast and runs quickly. He also uses his head in battle and runs like the wind! In the same category we have Giraffe Cat who thinks and acts quickly. This cat is a rocker who uses hi head to head bang on attack but only to Rock’n’roll Music! Next up we have Bird Cat who has the health of a pea but has exceptional attack power over area attack. In the same category we have UFO Cat. He has managed to overcome gravity and is good against multiple enemies. Next up we have Fish Cat he has exceptional melee capability and is strong against Red Enemies. Next up we have Whale Cat who managed to become a carnivorous whale. He is strong against Red enemies. Next up we have Lizard Cat who has the ability to attack enemies from a distance. He has a powerful single shot long range attack! 

After Lizard Cat we have Titan Cat who is blessed with extreme attack power and ridiculous amounts of health. In the same category we have Mythical Titan Cat also called the Lord of Destruction. He has extreme attack power and health. 

Titan Cat
Playing the Game

Now it’s time to Play. When playing I would start off with this simple strategy. First stay away from the Zombie outbreak zones. This is very important if you want to succeed.

Battle Cats Review Jumpstar Gaming

When you start playing the game you are awarded a certain amount of credits. The Game gives you a starting amount to play with. You are awarded these each round you play. As a result, if you use this wisely you can progress. Some good advice is to release some smaller basic battle cats and let your balance build up. Also keep this fairly constant release 5 or 10 of them. Then you are able to send out the stronger and more powerful battle cats as your balance gets higher and higher you can release the stronger Battle Cats by clicking on them. We hope you enjoyed this Battle Cats Gaming Review. There are more reviews coming soon!