Teen Titans Battlegrounds

This is an image of Robin in Teen Titans Battlegrounds


Robin in the Teen Titan Battleground

This week we have taken a look at the Roblox game Teen Titans Battleground. On the whole it is an awesome creation by Toxicator1 who has really done a great job of giving us the chance to be our own Teen Titan Character.

The object of the game is to outlast any of the other Teen Titans Characters in a fighting game.  As a player you choose and play as Teen Titan characters to attack other Team Titans  characters. 
You’ve got a multiple selection of characters that you can use to stop other players from beating your character and it’s just a it’s just a really fun game.
As a player you can access characters like Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire and Cyborg. Each character has his or her own special powers. 

This image shows us how to choose a teen Titan Player


Choosing a Teen Titan Player

The point of the game Teen Titans Battlegrounds is to prove that you are the best Teen Titan out there and to do that you need to stay in the game the longest.

This means getting your best game on and battling with any player that you come across. If you defeat them you are on the way to greatness.
You can also win or buy Tokens that are like coins, if you damage players you earn tokens. You can also buy Tokens with Robux.

From a popularity point of view this game gets a high rating as at any one time there are around 4000 players playing and the game has generated 112 million visits since being launched in April 2019

This game gets a Jumpstar Four Star rating for fun and creativity. 
Give it a try and enjoy it Gamers.


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By Brendan Cooney