Jumpstar Gaming Roblox Review#1

Hi there Gamers and welcome to the Jumpstar Gaming Roblox Review#1. This is the first post of many. We’ve taken a very good look at a Roblox and how Roblox is a great gaming system and so much more.

Roblox to started in 1989. It was started as a basic computer programming teaching system and from there has grown and developed into an amazing gaming organisation connecting the world through play.

Roblox is a series of games that allows kids and coders, creators and developers to make their own games and connect the world through gaming. Please look at some of the examples of the screen shots that we have put together. These were taken from some games that my children taught me how to play.

Roblox Game Interface in this area you choose your game
Roblox Game Interface

The Roblox Story

The story of Roblox began in 1989 with a simple block. The dev team programmed a 2d simulated physics lab called interactive physics, which later influenced their approach to building the groundwork for Roblox students across the world use the interactive physics to see how two cars would crash or build destructible houses. It was astonishing for the developers to see what these kids and teenagers were designing and needed to replicate that capability on a much larger scale.

The founders began building the core components that would become the basis for the imagination platform Roblox quickly began bringing the world together through the power of play harnessing players and creators of different ages and backgrounds from all around the world connected by shared experiences from China to Brazil to America and Africa the world began to create as one and friendships were built as well as a new form of entertainment.

Roblox world is growing faster than ever before creators are creating new genres deeper narratives and more diverse experiences that are opening entertainment paths into worlds of play never thought possible. Roblox are enabling the creation of more human forms that allow for greater self-expression and unleashing the limits of the imagination to enable anyone to be who they want to be in the game. We’re a platform for a new generation one at a time. Roblox are “The Architects of Play”.

For the Parents

From my point of view Roblox is an amazing platform, highly creative and great fun. If you are a parent, I would advise you monitor your child’s play and which games they are playing and who they are playing with. Make sure that they are only playing with their friends or friends of friends.

All in all, Roblox gets a Five Star Rating from Jumpstar Gaming. Take a look at the Roblox website:


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By Brendan Cooney

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