Golf Clash Game Review

Hi there, everyone. Firstly I hope you are all well when you read this post. Welcome to the Golf Clash Game Review. We hope you enjoy it!

I also wanted to let you know that while we are in lockdown or while we’ve been working away at home I have done a little bit of research.

Download on the Google Play Store

I wanted to let you know about a game I recently played Golf Clash which is a fantastic app that I found on the Google Play Store. At Jumpstar Gaming we’re going to be looking at a few more games on the Google Play store soon.

There are so many of them and we really want to just dig deeper into doing more reviews like this. I found that Golf Clash was fantastic. The graphics quality is brilliant.

Golf Clash Opening Graphics

After downloading the game I was able to create an account through Facebook or Google and I used Google and joined the game and was given the option to play one vs one.

After practicing with the computer a few times and I’ve since logged in and played a few holes and found it to be an extremely good game.

Prize Money Description

Playing The Game

Golf Clash pairs you up with computer opponents or with live computer guests for each hole or mini-match. If you win on a hole you win prize money which gets you further along in your golfing journey. What’s also great is that you get to have rematches with these opponents if you want to.

Fee to enter game

Congratulations to Playdemic the creators of this game we’ll be keeping in touch with them and looking at other games that they’ve made I would suggest you try Golf Clash if you’re a golf fan and even if you have kids that play golf or just understand the beginnings of golf. This is a good game to get them thinking about the Fairway and the green and how many shots they’ll need to get to the green and learning about things like Par.

All in all this is a great game. I’m going to give it a 5 Star rating. 

I look forward to hearing from any of you if you have any comments. Please let me know if you want us to review any games that you have in mind.

Watch out for our next review.

Brendan Cooney

Jumpstar Gaming


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